Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pint Night 11/01/06 Trois Pistoles

Description from
La Trois Pistoles

Since 1997
Type Strong Dark Ale, refemented in the bottle
Alcohol 9 % alc./vol.
Color Dusky black
Taste Wild fruit with an aftertaste of port
Aroma Ripe fruit and chocolate
Shelf Life 8 years or more
Serving Suggestions Pasta, game and wild fowl, desserts

Trois Pistoles was launched in June of 1997. It contains 9% alcohol and is brewed with roasted malt. Its rich, smooth texture, and the presence of yeast used for in-bottle refermentation give it a very distinctive flavour.
This dark beer and has an aroma of ripe fruit and a pleasant aftertaste that lingers like old port wine.
Trois Pistoles can be enjoyed before a meal or after, and is excellent with pasta as well as game meat and wild fowl.
It also enhances the flavour of desserts like chocolate mousse and fruit salad, and can even replace coffee as an after dinner drink


asiansteev said...

I'm drunk.

asiansteev said...

See, you thought that was my review. It could have been! This dark dark red beer smelled like fruit, and tasted like a million fruity, flowery, woody little things all pushed together into one glass. It was good, but then when you swallowed, the alcohol really let you know it was there. It was hard to finish two pints of this stuff, but only because of the burning. Otherwise, this stuff was not that bad. Lower alcohol content, and I would have really enjoyed it. As is, I just enjoyed it.

Patrick said...

so i homebrewed my own beer this last month, and i was trying it out the other day... it was good, but i didn't seal one of the bottles properly and that beer was completely flat. it tasted like bitter-sweet beer flavored mouthwash... which is exactly what Trois Pistoles tasted like to me. Flat, beery mouthwash.