Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bonus Pint Night 10/31/06 Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Description from www.rogue.com:
Dead Guy Ale
Gratefully dedicated to the Rogue in each of us. In the early 1990s Dead Guy Ale was created as a private tap sticker to celebrate the Mayan Day of the Dead (November 1st, All Souls Day) for Casa U Betcha in Portland, Oregon. The Dead Guy design proved popular and was incorporated into a bottled product a few years later with Maierbock as the elixir. Strangely, the association with the Grateful Dead is pure coincidence.

Dead Guy is a German-style Maibock made with Rogue's proprietary "PacMan" ale yeast. It is deep honey in color with a malty aroma, rich hearty flavor and a well balanced finish. Dead Guy is created from Northwest Harrington, Klages, Maier Munich and Carastan malts, along with Perle and Saaz Hops. Dead Guy Ale is available in 22-ounce bottles, 12-ounce 6-pack, and on draft.

Measurements: 16 degrees Plato, IBU 40, Apparent Attenuation 78, Lovibond 16
No Chemicals, Additives, or Preservatives

Monday, October 30, 2006

Beer Safari: Italian 10/26/06 Peroni Nastro Azzurro

Beer Safari: Italian, October 26, 2006 Peroni Nastro Azzurro
Description from: www.birraperoni.co.uk:
This premium beer, with 5.1% ABV, is brewed using the finest spring-planted barley, malts and hops. The taste is refreshing and dry, with a delicate aroma, which comes from the use of an exclusive variety of hops, make a crisp lager for the knowledgeable and demanding consumers.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pint Night 10/25/06 Hoegaarden

Pint Night, October 25 2006, Hoegaarden
Description from www.inbev.com:
Hoegaarden is totally different - by nature. It is different from virtually any other beer or beverage experience in the world - different in the kind of beverage that it is, and in the naturally refreshing taste experience.

Hoegaarden is the authentic Belgian wheat or white beer. It has a unique and extremely complex brewing process whereby the brand is first top fermented and then is refermented within the bottle - ending up in a unique cloudy-white appearance. The brand's unique appearance is mirrored by its one-of-a-kind taste - sweet and sour beer with a little bitterness, slightly spicy, with a strong touch of coriander and a hint of orange, perfect for warm summer days, instead of other refreshing beverages. Refreshing, a little quirky, and decidedly different - naturally.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Brew Crew 10/20/06 Harpoon Oktoberfest

Brew Crew, October 20 2006, Harpoon Oktoberfest
Description from: www.harpoonbrewery.com

The character and complexity of Harpoon Octoberfest comes from the malt and hops. When looking at a freshly poured Harpoon Octoberfest, you will notice the garnet-red color with a firm, creamy head. The beer’s color is from a blend of Munich , chocolate, and pale malt. The thick head results in part from wheat malt added to the grist. The hop aroma of this beer is not overpowering but it is present. Tettnang hops add a subtle spice nose that blends with the malt character. This beer is full-bodied, smooth, and malty. Willamette hops are used to provide a gentle bitterness and to balance any residual sweetness present from the malt. The finish is soft and malty with a mild bitterness.

The overall character is a rich, full-bodied, maltiness whose sweetness is balanced by generous use of hops.

Beer Specifications:



Original Gravity:

14.5 P


Garnet Red 45 EBC

Alcohol by Volume: (ABV)




Friday, October 20, 2006

Pint Night 10/18/06 Smithwick's

Pint Night, October 18 2006, Smithwick's Irish Ale
Description from www.diageo.ie/brands/smithwicks
Smithwick's an Irish original
Smithwick’s is Ireland’s number one ale. Its exceptional taste, distinctive colour and purity of ingredients make it unique. Its rich, satisfying taste has earned it five gold medals in the famous Monde Selection Beer Tasting Competition.
Smithwick’s is produced using the finest hops and special roasted, malted barley. In 1998 a new enhanced draught product with improved head retention was launched along with redesigned glassware.
Due to popular demand, Smithwick’s is now available in the USA and is available on draught in bars across the country.


Smithwick’s was originally brewed in St. Francis Abbey Brewery in Kilkenny, situated on the site of a Franciscan abbey where monks had brewed ale since the 14th century. It is Ireland’s oldest operating brewery, founded by John Smithwicks on land owned by the Duke of Ormonde.
Smithwick’s has been the largest selling ale brand in Ireland since the 1920s, a position it holds to this day. Smithwick’s is now brewed in Dundalk as well as in Kilkenny.

Diageo supports the unique position and potential of Smithwick’s with a mix of TV, radio, outdoor and press advertising. There are also regional sponsorship activities in Kilkenny to reinforce the importance of its original home, including the Smithwick’s Cat Laughs Festival.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Brew Crew 10/13/06 Summit Oktoberfest

Brew Crew, October 13 2006, Summit Oktoberfest
Description from: www.summitbrewing.com
Created to honor the populat European fall celebrations. Summit Oktoberfest is brewed in the Marzen style for a reddish-bronze color, smooth finish, and, of cours, polka.

Alcohol by Volume

Malts Utilized
2-Row Harrington, Caramel, Munich

Hops Utilized
Northern Brewer, Tettenanger, Saaz

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pint Night 10/11/06 Unibroue Maudite

Pint Night, October 11 2006 Unibroue Maudite
Description from www.unibroue.com:
1992 La Maudite
Type Strong Red Ale, refermented in the bottle
Alcohol 8 % alc./vol.
Color Mahogany
Taste Subtle coriande, light spices and a hint of hops
Aroma Spicy
Shelf Life 5 years or more
Serving Suggestions Pasta, red meat, stews and spicy dishes

In November 1992 Maudite (the damned one), was the first strong beer to be distributed in Quebec grocery stores. It contains 8 % alcohol and is also the first beer brewed in America that improves with age. When served young, it is very smooth, but when served after several years of storage, its flavour is reminiscent of port. Maudite is a mahogany-colored, rich-tasting premium beer that has a distinctive, complex taste. Because of the warmth it releases, this strong character beer must be served cool but not cold. Perfect with pasta, red meats, stews and spicy dishes, it also makes a good aperitif and after-dinner drink.

Maudite has a typically Quebecois name that is reminiscent of the legend of the Chasse-Galerie (the legend of the Flying Canoe). Legend has it that a group of lumberjacks struck a deal with the devil to fly home in their canoes, guided by Satan himself, to make it home in time for Christmas.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Brew Crew 10/06/06 Hofbrau Oktoberfest

Brew Crew, October 06 2006, Hofbrau Oktoberfest
Description from: www.hofbrauhausnewport.com:
Hofbräu Seasonal: “Oktoberfest” (6.0 % Alc. by Volume)
…. Specialty in October
A flavorful lager with a slightly spicy hint of hops in flavor and finish. A little fuller than our Hofbräu Lager. This beer was originally made to celebrate the wedding of Prince Ludwig and changed to this more blond style.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Home Brew 10/05/06 Level 1

Home Brew - October 5, 2006 - Level 1
Brewing Kit - Brewers Best - American Cream Ale
Brew Masters: Darren Carrico, Asian Steev

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Pint Night 10/04/06 Spaten Oktoberfest Ur-Marzen

Pint Night, October 04 2006, Spatan Oktoberfest Ur-Marzen
Official Website: www.spatenusa.com
Amber in color. This medium bodied beer has achieved its impeccable taste by balancing the roasted malt flavor with the perfect amount of hops. Having a rich textured palate with an underlying sweetness true to tradition.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Brew Crew 09/29/06 Spaten Oktoberfest Ur-Marzen

Brew Crew, September 29 2006, Spaten Oktoberfest Ur-Marzen
Official Website: www.spatenusa.com
Amber in color. This medium bodied beer has achieved its impeccable taste by balancing the roasted malt flavor with the perfect amount of hops. Having a rich textured palate with an underlying sweetness true to tradition.