Friday, January 12, 2007

Beer Safari: Kentucky 1/11/07 Kentucky Ale

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Kentucky Ale
Kentucky Ale is a marriage between two classic beer styles, Irish Red Ale and English Pale Ale. Light copper in color, the unique body and character of Kentucky Ale is heavily influenced by the water, drawn from aquifers in the limestone rock underlying the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky.

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asiansteev said...

it's not just about the beer sometimes. sometimes it's about the experience as a whole. good comfort food in a nice setting with good friends. and pie. ooh lemon chess.
kentucky has a woody, or as karima angrily corrected me, nutty flavor. it's more complex than your standard pilsner. vanilla and smoky wood barrels float around your tongue. but don't over analyze. it's the home team. be proud you've got someone out there playing for you.