Monday, April 02, 2007

Pint Night 03/14/07 Harp Lager

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Harp: A golden lager
Harp’s distinctive, refreshing taste has earned it six gold medals in the famous annual Monde Selection beer tasting competition. It is Northern Ireland’s number one lager.
Harp is brewed using golden barley and the choicest hops to give a smooth satisfying lager taste. In blind taste testing research in Ireland, Harp receives most favoured status time after time.
Since its launch in 1960, Harp has remained a premium Irish lager. In 1996, its already successful export brew was launched in Irish off-licences. Harp 5% Export is a premium lager with a 5% alcohol content and a rich, smooth taste. Harp is also exported to Europe and Canada.
Harp Lager was established in 1960 to meet the growing demand for a high quality local lager. Dr. Herman Muender, a master brewer from Germany, was invited to create a new golden lager brewed in the traditional continental style. The Dundalk Brewery was transformed to produce the new lager.
In 1997 the brand was renamed Harp Irish Lager and is now brewed in the UK, as well as Ireland.
Harp is supported in Northern Ireland by multimedia advertising and promotion. The tone of the advertising is fun and sociable and centres on Harp’s sponsorship involvement with the Season Football Programme.

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