Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pint Night 10/25/06 Hoegaarden

Pint Night, October 25 2006, Hoegaarden
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Hoegaarden is totally different - by nature. It is different from virtually any other beer or beverage experience in the world - different in the kind of beverage that it is, and in the naturally refreshing taste experience.

Hoegaarden is the authentic Belgian wheat or white beer. It has a unique and extremely complex brewing process whereby the brand is first top fermented and then is refermented within the bottle - ending up in a unique cloudy-white appearance. The brand's unique appearance is mirrored by its one-of-a-kind taste - sweet and sour beer with a little bitterness, slightly spicy, with a strong touch of coriander and a hint of orange, perfect for warm summer days, instead of other refreshing beverages. Refreshing, a little quirky, and decidedly different - naturally.


asiansteev said...

I was a little turned off at first by the lemonade-yellow color, but after first taste, I was hooked. It was so smooth. There was a very wheaty bite, but it was pleasant, and not overpowering. It was surprisingly crisp and refreshing. It needs to get hot outside again, so I can sit out in a hammock with a straw hat on, sipping this while my son cuts the grass for the first time, and I can tell him it looks good, even though I'll have to even it out when he's at school the next day.
I would have no problem drinking these all day. I'm glad they exist. I want another one. A big one.

bier_drinker said...

I have to agree with Asian Steev. This was a very smooth beer to drink. I know there is a man law that prohibits the addition of fruit to beer, but the lemon wedge did add a necessary addition to this scrumptious beer.