Thursday, September 07, 2006

Beer Safari: Thai 09/07/06 Singha Lager

Beer Safari: Thai, September 07, 2006 Singha Lager
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A premium lager beer brewed from the finest ingredients, "Singha" is a full-bodied 100% barley malt beer that is distinctively rich in taste with strong hop characters.


Dr. C said...

This was our first Beer Safari. We are trying to taste beer in it's "natural habitat". Pretty much we are trying different beers at their respective heritage restaurant. This month was Singha Lager, a beer imported from Thailand. It had a light golden color. For me, the taste wasn't very impressive. It tasted about like a Bud Lite, which isn't bad, just kind of ordinary. I rate this beer as Servable. This shall refer to a beer that you could serve to your friends and not be heartbroken that you have one less of them.

asiansteev said...

I imagine this is what Sagat from Street Fighter 2 drinks after a long hot day of Tiger Uppercuts.
Singha came is a fine looking bottle, and it's truely a sad thing that this beer was such a standard yellow pilsner. It was very bubbly with practically no head. Bitter, but a beer you could maybe enjoy very cold on a hot Christmas morning.
3/10. Nothing special. Not worth importing.