Friday, September 29, 2006

Pint Night 9/27/06 Erdinger Oktoberfest

Pint Night, September 27 2006, Erdinger Oktoberfest
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asiansteev said...

I feel robbed.
These specialty beers, Oktoberfest ones specifically, never have descriptions on the official websites or the big beer sites. I'm pretty sure this beer doesn't actually exist.
Erdinger Oktoberfest poured creamy, almost orange liquid with no head and no bubbles. It tasted like water you would use to rinse out a beer glass. I mean, I can drink rinsed beer glass water all night long, but I don't really ever crave the next sip, you know?
The saddest part of the entire experience was that across the room, people were drinking the 'same' beer, but it was dark brown, almost black. Reviews on beeradvocate indicate quite a different experience than what we had. That's so sad. I think our beer got messed up somehow.
3.5/10, and a moment of silence. I hope to meet you again Erdinger, under better circumstances.

Dr. C said...

I agree with Steve. To me, this "beer" tasted more like water with beer essence. There's not much more else to say. I give this beer a rating of Retry. This seems to have been a beer that was messed up somewhere along the way. It didn't really get a fair shake. It is a beer that needs to be tried again to get the real story.