Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Pint Night 09/06/06 Newcastle Brown Ale

Pint Night, September 06, 2006 Newcastle Brown Ale
Newcastle Brown Ale is an authentic English ale with a unique taste. Full of flavour, yet easy to drink, it's been drunk and enjoyed since 1927. And it's becoming more popular in more countries each year.


asiansteev said...

Newcastle Brown Ale. Seven pitchers. Never mind how many people we had present to consume them, seven pitchers of Newcastle Brown is an impressive sight to behold.
Brown Ale is a deep brown colour (with the 'ou' spelling of 'color' because it's an English Ale). She pours a thick creamy head that you want to dip your PopTarts in. The creaminess is bold on your upper lip, and the beer itself is nutty, woody, so creamy it scares you a little as you're sipping it down. The drink has practically no carbination, and could be dangerous on a late Friday night, with no particular plans for Saturday morning.
Amazing beer.

Dr. C said...

Newcastle Brown Ale was unbelievable. There's not really much more I can say that Steve hasn't already, so I'll just pretty much repeat everything he said. The head was thick and creamy, but unlike most beers, it wasn't bitter at all. It was a nice surprise since the beer is so dark. The taste had a subtle woody taste, almost like a liqour, just not as harsh. This is a tough beer to rate. Drunkable has been kind of the top of my scale, but this beer goes beyond such a rating. I rate this beer as Ambrosia. This rating shall refer to beers that are so good, that it seems like sweet nectar from heaven.

Patrick said...

So I am kicking myself for not making this pint night, but I will throw in some of my thoughts on the good ol' Newcastle, since I've spent quite a bit of time drinking the stuff. Easily one of the best beers I have ever had from the tap, it has a woodsy and slightly fruity taste that just begs you to keep drinking - liver be damned! However, out of the bottle is a different story... Newcastle doesn't seem to import well, and in my experience bottled Newcastle is slightly bitter and much less flavorful. In this case, it's rating drops from "Best Beer Ever!" to "Meh."
My advice: Drink this stuff whenever possible, but only if it is on tap.